“If the schools reopen on September 14th, we will vote on the 6th.” In Veneto 40 hospitalized


«Let’s see the half-full bottle: on September 14th, the opening of the schools could be a nice idea. But the government will make a commitment to make the elections on the 6th. ” This was stated by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia. “I do not know – he added – that there is an agreement from the governors on the date. If elections take place after a week, this is not planning but confusion ». On the future, «I am convinced that normalcy will return in the summer. I do not have a date – he specified – but if it continues like this and epidemiological data continue, the same government at the time when the Dpcm expires on 15 July, indicates that on that date it wants to make a coupon. And many activities have already been freed from chores. Let’s say that July 15 – he concluded – is the deadline to unlock everything ».

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Veneto, Luca Zaia: «Tomorrow the ordinance for discos, shows and casinos». Many exceptions to the Dpcm

Zaia: «Vo ‘was the red zone with the signature of Minister Speranza»

On the COVID-19 Zaia said that “this virus is really strange in its behavior. It is incomprehensible and for this reason it is mandatory to respect the minimal rules, such as the use of the mask according to the rules. If the virus now circulates so little – Zaia continued – it means that something has happened. After Vò there were some outbreaks, in Dolo and in Venice, on some elderly and adult pensioners, we thought it would become a bomb explosive, in a place where the gathering is daily, and instead nothing happened. Elsewhere, however, the ignition has triggered an explosion, such as in Treviso or other outbreaks in the Paduan area, “he concluded.

Coronavirus, Abruzzo data: third day with 4 cases, 2 more deaths

Zaia: 40 hospitalized in Veneto. “On May 4, the day of the great reopening, there were 1,056 hospitalized for coronavirus, today there are 40 positives. In intensive care there were 99 people, today one”. The president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said during the press point on the coronavirus emergency – direct saved on his Facebook page -, in which he reiterated that the «virus is really strange, it is incomprehensible and we have an obligation to respect rules ».

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