If Lerner pretends not to hear the prosecutors and on the red zone he blames Fontana


Sometimes fate is infamous. Not even the time to read the editorial after lunch Gad Lerner on Lombardy that here is the bomb cleared by the prosecutor of Bergamo. What many were waiting for, and perhaps Conte feared, has become reality: the prime minister and the competent ministers (Speranza and Lamorgese) will be summoned by the prosecutor who investigates the failure of the red zone in Val Seriana. It was now known to everyone that the Bergamo magistrates were pointing towards Rome, rather than on the Pirellone, to understand why no one put the locks on Alzano Lombardo and Nembro. Something known to everyone, we said, except for the intrepid Lerner. Which today on Done he returned to the attack on Lombardy, forgetting to mention (but it will be a coincidence) the clear words of the prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota: “From what we know it was a government decision”.

Let me be clear, it is still early to celebrate as Salvini does (“Justice is done”). But you can’t even pretend nothing, especially in a newspaper – the Done – that the words of the magistrates always keep them in excellent consideration. In telling the passage from the “pan to the embers” of the Lombardy, finished by the clutches of Formigoni at the hands of Fontana, Lerner makes a excursus about the 18 years of celestial rule going as far as to say that all in all with the old ruling class it was not as bad as today. “Far be it from me to indulge in the saying” you were better when you were worse “- writes the journalist – But the decay of the Lombard ruling class is under the eyes of all” since the League was in power. If before the “division of nominations” the “ciellino circuit” entrusted it to “shadow men sailed”, now everything would have ended up in the hands of “men of proven inexperience”.

As evidence of this, there is the “collection of injuries in which the Lombard right seems to stumble”. Among these, Lerner cites the “paid resolutions revealed by the ‘soup kitchen for the poor’ investigation”, “the rsa“, the case of lab coats, the assignment of serological tests to Diasorin and, ça va sans dire, the “failure to establish the red zone in Val Seriana“On closing Bergamo, however, he forgets to mention not only the thought of the prosecutors, who point the finger at Palazzo Chigi, but also the evidence confirmed by the Pd commissioner in Emilia Romagna, Sergio Venturi. That at that time it was the government that Establishing the red zones now seems peaceful, given that the prime minister evoked almost all his powers to himself Luca Ceriscioli, Piddino governor of the Marche region, who tried to close the schools independently but was immediately reprimanded from Rome and invited to return to the ranks. Remember it Sabino Cassese, not a prominent League supporter, according to whom “international prophylaxis are indicated as matters falling under the exclusive competence of the State”. And confirm the statements of those days of Conte, Speranza and Minister Boccia. Palazzo Chigi claims that Pirellone could have closed Bergamasca independently? Let’s go and review the statements of those days. We mention only one of Conte: “It is not possible that all the Regions go in random order because the measures risk being harmful”. The other Lerners can read them here.

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