‘If in doubt, don’t favor Juve’: plans B and C of popular sentiment, Sarri’s table to win on the field | First page


Juventus and its fans feel the smell of burning. In the event that, unfortunately, the championship should be stopped again after the resumption expected in two weeks, the solutions provided by the FIGC do not make you sleep soundly to the black and white world. In the environment, Juve thinks about the past, to the telephone calls in which federal and arbitration leaders said: “If in doubt, Juve should not be favored”, And looks to the next few weeks with suspicion. The most mischievous argue that if at the time of a possible further stop of the championship (after the resumption) Juventus was in command of the ranking, the choice would be to have the playoffs played (plan B), while if at the top of the ranking there was another team, then the FIGC would forget the playoffs and would have no problem assigning the title (plan C). Having said that Agnelli has made it clear that he would never ascertain a Scudetto at the table, and that the Serie A League seems to have made a common front against the playoff and algorithm, however, they continue to think about how to win the next championship on the pitch day and night. And on this, Maurizio Sarri has clear ideas, and has drawn up a table that we reveal … CONTINUE READING: SARRI’S TABLE TO WIN THE SCUDETTO

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