If Gazidis is not a relative of Galliani


Paraphrasing De Gregori, one could say about Ivan Gazidis and Adriano Galliani: it is not from the details that a manager is judged. Still, the details help (leaving aside the prize list because there is no comparison. In the ten years at Arsenal, Gazidis has won 3 Fa Cup and 3 Community Shield. In the 31 years at Milan, Galliani has aligned 29 trophies; the thirtieth of his career , Adriano dixit, the promotion of Monza from C to B). Beware of dates. Monza, 5 April: the CEO of Monza Calcio, Adriano Galliani, announces that he has reached an agreement with the club’s players to reduce their emoluments by 50%, due to Covid’s emergency. Milanello, the day before yesterday, 10 June: the CEO of Milan, Ivan Gazidis, after three months shows up in the Rossoneri sports center and shows the players the 50% cut on the April salary, diluted over time: 30% immediately, the rest deferred in the coming months. Between 5 April and 10 June, 66 days have passed and it is clear why, last Tuesday, captain Alessio Romagnoli asked the manager why he took so long before being reviewed by the team. Not to mention Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Who, with proverbial frankness, explained to Gazidis how this is not AC Milan that he had hoped to find again in January, convinced to return to Zvonimir Boban. But Boban is a red and black totem: it was too bulky for Gazidis who put it at the door and Ibra never forgave her. This was one of the too many mistakes made by the South African manager, ex Arsenal, transplanted by the Elliott fund in Milan to miracol show.

It was December 5, 2018, when Ivan (pronounced Aivan) took on the role of CEO and general manager of one of the most titled and prestigious companies in the world. Eye: the first who still calls him CEO, wins a prize trip to the Accademia della Crusca, together with those who say droplets even droplets; recovery fund instead of recovery fund; election day instead of election day; question time instead of question time; restyling instead of restructuring; job act instead of work act; triage instead of sorting. Italian is a wonderful language. Yes, the Italian. Before even arriving in Milan, it was announced that Gazidis was attending an accelerated course to learn our language: there must have been some problems with the accelerator if Ibrahimovic can translate Gazidis from English into Italian, but Gazidis cannot do l ‘reverse. This was only the complication. On May 27, 2019, after a meeting with the CEO, Rino Gattuso left Milan, having noted the total divergence of views with the interlocutor. Despite still having a two-year contract, the technician renounces the 11 million due to him, provided that his collaborators are paid up to the last day. For the same reasons as above, Leonardo also leaves. In June 2019, Boban and Maldini are appointed head of the technical area and technical director respectively, in place of Leonardo. From 1 July 2019, Marco Giampaolo becomes the MIlan coach: he resists 7 games and is replaced by Stefano Pioli who will be replaced by Ralf Rangnick whose arrival will also induce Paolo Maldini to leave. Maldini, do you understand? A Rossoneri legend (902 appearances and 33 goals), 26 trophies won with Milan, 126 appearances and 7 goals in the national team. Not irrelevant detail: last March, Boban revealed: «Rangnick? The company had closed in December, without saying anything to me or to Maldini “. We had deluded ourselves that Gazidis was Galliani. Unfortunately he is not even a relative.

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