“I was wrong, but a decontextualized phrase” – Libero Quotidiano


What courage, Luca Palamara. For the first time on TV, the magistrate gave his version of the facts to It is not the Arena of Massimo Giletti, on La7 on Sunday 31 May. What courage, because he explained the sentences on Matteo Salvini, defined in the interceptions a “mer ***” to attack even if he is right, stating: “On Salvini I used an improper expression, I didn’t mean to offend him. But that sentence does not faithfully reflect the thought, it is decontextualized, we wanted to protect the ul pm it investigated. “And again, he adds:” I am not absolute evil. It might be convenient for someone to think so. I am a man of the institutions and I have a toga in my heart. “Therefore, Palamara between the lines advances a sort of hypothesis of the conspiracy, underlining that” whoever implemented the distancing from me was saved “.

Hence, Palamara denies stopping the race Nino Di Mateo to super anti-mafia prosecutor: “The current system agreed on different names and the plenum ratified, a kind of manual Cencelli “. The magistrate adds that” The system rewards those who belong to the currents and denying that currents represent a shortcut means denying reality “, he admits. He does not even escape the question about dinners he had with Luca Lotti:” I underestimated that it was investigated “, concluded Palamara.

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