‘I was arrested during the protests’


An Instagram post to clarify the whole story, emphasizing its proximity to the protesters for the death of George Floyd
Cole Sprouse is an actor particularly known among the very young and not only. IS Jughead Jones in the TV series “Riverdale”But recently he has been talking about himself for quite a few other issues. The 27-year-old has in fact published a post in which he explains that he was arrested following a demonstration for the death of George Floyd. A dramatic event, which has given rise to countless protests across the United States of America. A battle waged on the street and on social media, where Sprouse and other show business personalities helped to voice the protest.

On this matter, the actor wanted to personally manage the media effects of his arrest, telling the story: “A group of peaceful Protestants, including me, were arrested in Santa Monica. It is necessary to talk about the circumstances of the arrest, before the media decide to make the whole affair a matter relating solely to me: Black Lives Matter. ”

He stressed that, from his point of view, the media focus only on more sensationalistic events than the protests taking place: “We were arrested after receiving the request to leave. They explained that if we didn’t leave, we would be arrested. Many left but another group of policemen appeared and blocked us, tying our hands with ties. ” Cole Sprouse has repeatedly explained, in his post, how he does not intend in any way to give rise to a narrative linked to his person. He also stressed how well he knows how much the differences are in terms of consequences between his arrest and that of other protesters, being he white, straight and a public figure.

Who is Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse is an American actor, born in 1992 in Arezzo. The fact that it came to light in Italy, from American parents, is due to the fact that they both taught at the time in an English language school in Tuscany. He is the younger brother of Dylan Sprouse, his twin brother, born 15 minutes earlier.

Both are well known to the general public, having started acting since childhood. Both made their debut in 1999 in the film “Big Daddy – A special dad”, With Adam Sandler. The two played each other’s role as Julian.

Instead, they made their landing on television after only one year of life. In 1993 they are both in “Grace Under Fire”, staying there until 1998. Cole is then chosen to play Ben, Ross’s son, in seven episodes of “Friends“. Several projects that saw them side by side, such as “Zack and Cody at the Grand HotelDisney series adored by the young audience, as well as the spin-off “Zack and Cody on the bridge”.

Since then, time has passed and Cole has had the opportunity to try his hand at various projects, without however ever denying the past. In 2011, in fact, he took part in the film for television “Zack & Cody – The film”. In 2017 he then joined the cast of “Riverdale”, taking part in 76 episodes, playing Jughead Jones.

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