“I want to know where my daughter’s killer is, I’m afraid of him”


«I want to know where it is my daughter’s killer. Whether in prison in Tunisia or free. The Italian state must give me answers, I have two small grandchildren whom I must protect ».

It is the hard outburst of Giuseppina Ghilardi, the mother of Daniela Bani, 37 year old from Brescia killed in 2014 by stabbing her Tunisian husband Mootaz Chaambi, then runaway at home on the same day of the crime that occurred at home, in the presence of one of the couple’s two children.

In Italy Chaambi was definitively sentenced to 30 years in prison, but he remained on the run for a long time. Arrested in Tunisia in 2018, now it is not clear where it is. “I receive anonymous calls from Tunisia, I’m afraid of him and its reactions. He probably won’t go back to Italy, but I have the right to know what happened to it », says Daniela Bani’s mother. “Minister Bonafede had promised me an answer. I’ve been waiting for two years and now I’m tired, “adds the woman.