‘I thought it was love and instead it was a buggy’


Stefano De Martino is Belen have been at the center of the for days Gossip as there seems to be an ongoing crisis between the two. The rumors about the problems, among one of the most followed Italian couples on social networks, have been chasing each other for several weeks. The dancer hasn’t lived in Milan for a while and the show girl is dedicating herself to the family and her son Santiago. On the day of the anniversary of the death of Massimo Troisi, Stefano published a photo on his Instagram stories, to remember the missing actor, but the title of the film seemed equivocal to the public and De Martino removed the story from his social profile.

Stefano De Martino recalls Massimo Troisi with a photo from the set: ‘I thought it was love instead it was a buggy’

On 4 June 1994 Massimo Troisi passed away prematurely and many well-known faces of the show wanted to remember the actor, publishing phrases and photographs of the Neapolitan comedian. Also Stefano De Martino he wanted to leave a photograph on his Instagram profile to honor the actor’s memory. The shot chosen by the dancer was that taken from the set of a film, where Troisi ventured into the role of director and was immortalized with the clapperboard of the film: ‘I thought it was love and instead it was a buggy’. The film’s title sparked comments on the net as well Stephen has removed the Instagram story.

Could the story removed by Stefano De Martino be a message for Belen?

In the story published by Stefano De Martino iThe title referred to a love story in which a lover believed he had found love, but was wrong. Many web users, in the story published by the dancer, have seen an arrow thrown at Belen Rodriguez, with which a crisis has been going on for a few weeks.

The image that appeared in the Instagram profile stories of De Martino it lasted less than five minutes, because the conductor almost immediately eliminated the photograph, but it was enough to increase the rumors on the net about the crisis between Stephen is Belen.

The crisis between Belen and Stefano

Belen is Stephen they are a couple loved by the public and the media attention towards them is high.

For some time rumors have been chasing a crisis between the two. Belen she was paparazzi in a restaurant with her ex boyfriend Andrea Iannone. The Argentine show girl was keen to point out, after the photos were released in all the newspapers, that the meeting with the motorcycling pilot had been accidental. In a video posted by the host on her Instagram profile, Belen she pointed out that she is not going through an easy time in her life and said that whatever happens, she will want to be the one saying it herself. Currently the relationship between the Rodriguez is Stephen seem thesis and the title of the film, chosen by De Martino to commemorate Troisi, appeared to be an arrow aimed at Belen.

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