“I think it is right to resume football, we will miss the fans. The difference between Allegri and Sarri … “


In Gazzetta dello sport, long interview by Walter Veltroni to Leonardo Bonucci. The Juventus defender ready to leave: «My teammates and I are already in shape. The coach does a different kick from the others. Serie A will give everyone some relief. I spent the first two weeks completely at rest. Because of Rugani’s positivity, we were forced into total inactivity. Afterwards I started a path of physical fitness at home. But it was difficult, because there was no goal to reach a program. Every week with the trainer we tried to do the right thing, but we sailed on sight. Juve was close to us. However I managed to arrive on May 18 in acceptable physical form. At home you train on the treadmill, the exercise bike … Tools for us, usually almost unknown. I think it was right to start again, football, especially in Italy, is important. Of course, we will miss the fans. I was favorably impressed by the seriousness of all my companions. Nobody let go, came overweight or unloaded.

What do you think of these stories of the playoffs, of the algorithms … «I hope that we arrive at the normal end of the championship. If this were not so, a lot of stories, controversies, appeals would arise … I am not in favor of other hypotheses. If you stop, you better finish it there and don’t assign anything. We hope to arrive on August 2nd and decree a winner. Hoping it’s Juve … »
Are you worried about Lazio? «Yes. In this championship he took away a trophy, he is a good team, Inzaghi is a great coach. But now, after this inactivity, it is difficult to make predictions. Maybe those who were in shape before the break are no longer fit, or vice versa. It will be beautiful, exciting. Like a league that starts again, with a defined starting grid.

Champions: “We will have to be good not to be influenced by this. It is easy to think that we will find a team in difficulty. But we don’t have to do it. We play 90% of the season in a race. It is too important to yield to unnecessary and dangerous undervaluations. ”

Allegri-Sarri: “Allegri is very good at managing the locker room, the most difficult moments of a season, to make the team understand how to manage the time of a match. He, in his five years, was a master in this. Sarri is a meticulous, passionate tactician, who likes to make the team play well. He also learned, in these months of Juve, what it means to be in the black and white world, where, for the exhibition, nothing is ever forgiven. Since he has been with us, I have seen significant growth. He has a great wealth of football knowledge but has been able to question himself, he had the humility to understand the dynamics of this collective. I was pleasantly surprised, really. We have daily contacts, moments of confrontation. He is someone who wants to improve. ”

Ronaldo: “He is a super athlete, a great professional. He told me what he did to keep fit during the quarantine. He presented himself in perfect condition. He can’t surprise, he’s a champion. ”



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