“I lived moments with her who …” – Libero Quotidiano


Do you understand, Pupo? The singer prepares for the next season as a commentator on the Big Brother Vip, appointment for mid-September on Italy 1. And interviewed by Who of Alfonso Signorini, who will conduct the broadcast, Pupo indulges in some considerations on the cast of the program. Interesting words he spends on Elisabetta Gregoraci, not yet confirmed, indeed Flavio Briatore he would have opposed it. Still, television rumors indicate that she is enrolled. And on her Pupo says: “It would give great ideas”. And again: “I launched it as my little valet in the program that was called The Swag. I lived with her moments that I could only tell in transmission. “And who knows what it refers to. Certainly, Pupo,” intends “the launch in the jet-set of Gregoraci.

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