I heard you like old women conductors


The first evening of Monday evening is dedicated to comedy and after various programming changes on Rai2, he finally found a home Made in South. The show, one of the first Covid posts, conducted by Fatima Trotta is Stefano De Martino, attempts the arduous endeavor to make the public laugh by taking inspiration from some situations that the pandemic has accentuated above all in everyday life. However, a space explicitly dedicated to the Neapolitan dancer who is, since the last edition, the favorite subject of Peppe Iodice that even on the evening of June 29, he did not miss the opportunity to make a few jokes about the sentimental life of the thirty year old.

The joke of Peppe Iodice to Stefano De Martino

By now the break between Belèn Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino is on everyone’s lips and the more time passes the more details emerge on the possible reasons that would have led to the breakup of the most loved couple on social networks. Yet, in the last few hours more rumors are emerging about the former dancer of Amici, to whom flirtations and adventures are attributed that would have sparked the wrath of the Argentine showgirl. The last one wants him entangled in a liaison with a TV host much older than him, a gluttonous topic for the irreverent Peppe Iodice who, if in the previous episode he tried to bring the couple closer together, now he has immediately caught the ball: “I don’t want to gossip, but I have to ask you one question: do you really like old women, milfs? You make the zuzzusiello, who is this presenter, you say, you say … “. According to the game and laughing at the joke, De Martino softly replies: “But I’m fake news, you don’t have to read the web ” and the comedian replies by increasing the dose: “I know that in the hospices we only talk about you, but we don’t gossip. ”

The flirtation denied with a dancer of the program

Not only a known conductor, but also a former dancer of the program had ended up in the sights of the pink chronicles that had identified Maria Rosaria Leone, a possible flame of the Dancer from Torrese. The direct interested immediately denied what was wrongly stated, saying: “I can’t understand why this fake news. I have left the show for some time and it has nothing to do with it”.

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