“I fear multiple waves of coronaviruses in the US, perfect system protests to spread it” – Libero Quotidiano


“Multiple waves of coronavirus “. Ilaria Capua , in connection with Myrta Merlino in the last episode of The air that pulls prime time version, admits his terror. What worries her, explains the Italian virologist stationed in Miami, Florida, is not only the resurgence of Covid to Beijing , with an outbreak that broke out in a wet market in the capital due to a game of salmon infected that forced the communist regime to make new lockdowns and plunged the country back into the nightmare.

“The news coming from China is frightened, but for example they are very worried about the situation in China United States , with these protests (those of #BlackLivesMatters for the death of the African American George Floyd , ed ) which are a perfect system for amplify the infection again . I fear multiple waves. ” Ever end epidemic?

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