“I don’t comment on the interceptions about Salvini”. The silence of the Minister of Justice – Libero Quotidiano


An occasionally hilarious interview, the one granted by Alfonso Bonafede to The print, in which the Guardasigilli talks about justice reform and promises: “Stop current accountancy in the CSM“. Exhilarating interview but which, in truth, worries. Yes, to think that he is our Minister of Justice is rather perplexing. First of all because he explains that he does not consider it right to reset this CSM,” if we do it, the new one is elected with the old ones. rules. “Yet the next question is: do you trust this CSM? And Bonafede: “Yup”. A fair contradiction.

So quite the disastrous passage where he deals with Matteo Salvini. When it is pointed out that the magistrates, according to the interceptions of the case Luca Palamara, seem very interested in the fate of the leader of the League, the minister replies: “I do not comment on specific interceptions, I am also the owner of the disciplinary action. “In short, not even a nod of condemnation. Then Bonafede is asked if, if he had been in Salvini’s place, he would not feel a little uncomfortable:” He goes around to have an answer on Salvini, but I gave it to her“. Rather puzzling, given that he did not respond.

But then something, Bonafede, adds it: “It is known that it is bizarre that someone wants to reset the CSM and realizes that there is a problem only when it concerns him”. And what would be bizarre in the fact that Salvini, called “mer ***” among the various, do you now hit hard on the CSM? Thick mystery. But this is Alfonso Bonafede …

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