“I do not throw the cross at others, they have been chasing non-existent Russian money for months” – Libero Quotidiano


Matteo Salvini also has a say on the story that is taking hold in these hours, namely the scoop of the ABC newspaper that accuses the M5s of having received black money from the government of Hugo Chavez. “I don’t comment on what is not certain – he immediately puts his hands forward – also because they have been chasing Russian money for months that don’t exist, so I don’t want to throw the cross on others. If there were concrete evidence or evidence it would be a problem because Venezuela it is one of the last communist, bloody, dictatorial regimes in the world “.

The League leader confessed that he had always felt disdain and bewilderment over “the friendly attitude of the Cinquestelle towards the Venezuelan regime, even if it was free. If a lira had not arrived, the fact that Cinquestelle MPs went to Venezuela, they were photographed with executioners and bloodthirsty of the Venezuelan dictatorship, in my opinion it is surreal “.

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