I do not download absolutely anything, there is no complete guarantee on privacy


It started today in four regions, Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia, the experimentation of the Immune app, which allows you to track any contacts with positive cases. After the first experimental phase, the app will also be operational nationwide, starting June 15. Immuni uses the Bluetooth technology of the smartphone, and allows you to retrace all the contacts of a person tested positive for COVID-19, so as to be able to promptly isolate other infected potentials.

According to the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Paola Pisano, 2 million citizens have already downloaded it to their mobile phones. “The App is used to notify citizens that they have been exposed to a risk of contagion from Coronavirus has been developed with the utmost respect for privacy, guarantees anonymity, is free and does not provide geolocation. I recommend downloading it – said Pisano to “Uno Mattina” – it is useful in this moment of resumption of activities to move safely, protect ourselves and prevent the emergence of new outbreaks “.

“The Italians ask for a total guarantee on the protection and protection of the confidentiality of their data: therefore, until there is this total guarantee, I do not download absolutely anything.” To say it is Matteo Salvini, answering a question from journalists in Osimo (Ancona). The controversies over privacy risks, deriving from the use of the application, which can be downloaded on a voluntary basis, have also held the bench in recent months, when the proposal was launched. The app in question, however, also received the go-ahead from the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, which authorized the Ministry of Health to dispose of this tool in an anti-contagion function.

60% coverage is not required

As many public health authorities around the world have explained, one is needed to operate this tool properly coverage of 60% of the population. However, this figure has been denied by some Oxford researchers, the same who published the study from which the data that was disclosed was taken. The mathematical model developed by researchers to calculate app effectiveness, the researchers explained to the magazine, “shows that they have an effect in slowing down the pandemic at any level of coverage. There have been several errors in reporting the effectiveness and coverage needed that have suggested that apps only work if downloaded by 60% of the population, but they don’t. “. The study shows that if 80% of smartphone users download the app, a percentage that corresponds precisely to about 60% of the general population, this tool would be sufficient alone to stop the epidemic, without other forms of intervention, such as ‘manual’ contact tracing or social distancing, which instead become necessary for lower coverage. “Even with lower numbers – assure the authors – we estimated a reduction in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. “

What are the phones on which Immuni can be downloaded

The application it is also available on smartphones produced by Huawei and the related brand Honor. Google’s engineers have in fact solved the technical problem that has temporarily made the app for tracking contacts on phones produced by the Chinese giant unavailable. The resolution of the problem began last Friday evening, when Immuni had returned downloadable on some Huawei smartphone models. Currently, therefore, Immuni is downloadable on all Huawei and Honor smartphones that rest on Google services. A small percentage of devices that are instead lacking Google’s services and application store are excluded, due to the ban decided by the Trump administration. These are a few models put on the market since last autumn (Huawei Mate 30, P40, Y Series, the folding Mate Xs and Honor 9X Pro). For these phones, the Immuni website explains that developers are working to make the app compatible “as soon as possible”.

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