“I did it in the swimming pool of the Versace villa”, please? – Free newspaper


It never ceases to amaze, Elettra Lamborghini, the prosperous and irrepressible heiress. He reports on his latest feat on his very popular Instagram profile, with a very particular collection of photos, the last of which portrays her lying on a sofa, spotted on the shouldershugged to a cat that looks more like a tiger. And what did the former Sanremo Festival competitor do this time? He explains it in the caption at the bottom of the photos: “A year of tocame – he said -. Twerking in the swimming pool of the Versace villa? Done“he reveals. Yeah, Elettra Lamborghini produced her famous twerking in the Versace villa, and the other photos of the improvised mini-album on Instagram are there to remember him.

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