“I can no longer tell lies. Current, how magisture works in Italy” – Libero Quotidiano


Of course, it may seem the secret of Pulcinella. But to hear it said by a magistrate, by Luca Palamara just in case, it always has some effect. We are a It is not the Arena of Massimo Giletti, where the exclusive interview with the magistrate overwhelmed by the eavesdropping that, likewise, are overwhelming the CSM. There is talk of the judiciary, or rather the currents within the judiciary, always suspected of deciding the fate of justice. Circumstance that Palamara, cornered by unequivocal wiretapping, can only confirm: “I didn’t invent the currents system – he pressed -. Identifying me as absolute evil is an operation that is convenient for someone. My role was to mediate within the currents “, he underlines. But it’s not over, because then Palamara it is even more explicit: “The system rewards the currents. Today I can no longer tell the lies – capitulates -. The current system penalizes those who do not belong to any of these. They are a shortcut, there is no denying it,” concludes Palamara. Understand how the judiciary works in Italy?

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