Hydroxychloroquine, three of the study’s four authors retract


    <h2>Three authors of the study that raised concerns about the use of hydroxychloroquine withdrew their participation</h2>


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    <p>New twist on the use of the<strong>hydroxychloroquine</strong> to cure the <strong>coronavirus</strong>. Three of the four authors of the study published by the scientific journal 'Lancet', which raised concerns about the use of hydrochloroquine in the treatment of <strong>COVID-19</strong>, they decided to withdraw their participation in the study because, they said, "<strong>we can no longer guarantee the truthfulness of the sources</strong>". 'Lancet' announced it.

The fourth author, Sapan Desai, manager of the Surgisphere company that provided the data, did not retract.

Published on May 22, the study concluded that hydroxychloroquine not only had no beneficial effects, but could be harmful.

The publication of the study on ‘Lancet’ has had a great impact worldwide, to the point of inducing the World Health Organization to temporarily suspend tests on the use of hydroxychloroquine as a precaution.

On Wednesday, however, the director general of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that “WHO has resumed testing with hydroxychloroquine” to treat coronavirus.

The criticisms, reports ‘Ansa’, question the data on which the study is based (96,000 patients hospitalized between December and April in 671 hospitals) collected by the American company Surgisphere, directed by the fourth author of the study, Sapan Desai.

Just for further verification based on the data, the three authors had attempted to conduct an independent study, but Surgisphere did not allow access to this information by mentioning confidentiality agreements with customers (the hospitals at the origin of the data collection). The three experts “were unable to conduct an independent analysis.”

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