huge and threatening, NASA report


Alarm-Asteroid-EarthA huge asteroid he could have threatened Earth according to the latest report NASA dating back to Saturday 6 June 2020. The danger seems to have escaped but the next hours of monitoring will be crucial in order to be able to affirm the absence of risks with certainty.

Experts from the American Aerospace Agency have described the presence of a celestial body with a diameter of 100 feet. Called “2002 NN4“Should have gone through Earth’s orbit over the past few hours. With an average size 90% higher than any other planetary material cluster, scientists worried that for the next few hours they will remain alert with telescopes pointed at the sky.

There safety distance would suffice to proclaim the status of zero risk. Let’s find out the details.

Asteroid 2002 NN4 touches the planet Earth: here is NASA’s assessment

Brightness of H = 20.1 and variable speed with a peak of 11 kilometers per second. These are the preliminary data added to those concerning the minimum distance for the passage around the earth’s orbit estimated at 5 million kilometers around 5.20 on Saturday.

This distance figure is decreasing during these hours but there seems to be no risk of any kind. It will approach our lambendone the most external atmosphere but without posing a threat.

According to temporal estimates, it could return in the next decades but at a distance even higher than those recorded during this weekend. We are safe. The danger of a potential disastrous impact was promptly disproved by scholars. In conclusion we report the extract of the original post released by the sources on Twitter.

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