How to get free money on loan and earn it as well


How to get free money on loan and earn it as well? Imagine going to the bank and applying for a 7-year loan and finding that the bank not only offers you money but pays you to take that loan. Impossible? No, all true and now we will explain how to get free money on loan and earn it as well

How to get free money on loan and earn it as well

In a financial world where negative rates also exist, it can happen that you get paid for a loan. How is it possible? It is a mathematical question. If you borrow money with a negative interest rate, you will return less money than you had.

At this point the question you are asking yourself is: who is that fool who pays to give his money? The answer is the largest bank on the continent, the European Central Bank. If a state asks the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) for money on loan for 7 years, the rate applied will be negative, or -0.07%. It means that less money will be returned to the ECB in the end than it has been.

Kalin Anev Janse, the financial director of the ESM, writes it in a blog. If you want to read the article you can find it at this link.

3.5 million per year that Italy could earn from the loan

The article explains the conditions applied by the European Central Bank to those applying for a loan from the ESM. Conditions that provide, in fact, that you can borrow money for 7 years at a negative interest rate of 0.07%. Or take loans with a 10-year maturity at a positive rate of 0.08%.

If Italy wanted to apply for a loan it would be entitled to have 36 billion from the ESM. For a 7-year loan, our country would return 36 billion by 25 million euros at maturity. That’s about 3.5 million a year in savings.

And you are still wondering: what are we waiting for to ask for this money? It is a question that many people ask. Someone maliciously ventured an answer. It is true that the rate is negative but in the end the money must be returned. Rightly because they are loans. But this is a brake because within the government, but also in the opposition, someone would like money to be paid out.

Meanwhile, the MEF, the Ministry of the Treasury and the Economy, to find fresh money issues 10-year BTPs paying an annual interest rate of 1.7%.

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