how to complete the Smuggling Contract and get a free project


With the arrival of Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone, a new type of mission has been introduced in the shooter that at the first completion rewards the players with a useful legendary project.

Let’s talk specifically about Lonely Lagoon, a legendary project for the sniper rifle AX-50. To add this project to the armory, you must therefore complete this new type of mission which, unlike all the others, cannot be activated at any time: Smuggling. To start Smuggling you must complete any Contract to have the probability, upon its completion, that among the rewards there will also appear a briefcase in blue color. Should this object appear in the myriad of weapons and gadgets, collect it and follow the on-screen indicators to deliver it to the extraction point: if the helicopter will be able to leave with the briefcase, the mission is complete. Remember that if a player with active Smuggling were eliminated, another user can pick up the blue briefcase and continue the mission.

We remind you that this is just one of the new features of the new free-to-play battle royale season and that thanks to the Season Pass, two free weapons have also arrived.

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