How the Digital Citizenship Bonus is to be used and to whom


How should the Digital Citizenship Bonus be used and for whom?

For those who wonder what the Digital Citizenship Bonus is, we firstly reply that it was introduced by an amendment to the Relaunch decree. It responds to the need to give a boost to digitization, especially following the flaws that emerged during the emergency health period. On this point, in fact, Italy is lagging behind other European countries, even ranking fourth in this sector. Specifically, the index of the European Commission that measures the path of countries towards a digitalized economy and society (Desi), puts us in twenty-fifth place. That is, we have fallen by one position compared to last year. The lowest positions also include: Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. To ruin everything, at least as far as we are concerned, was the coronavirus. In fact, before the health emergency, we were running for 5G preparation. It had reached 60% against 21% of the EU. However, there was a setback in digitalization as a whole. So, once the answer is given on what the Digital Citizenship Bonus is, let’s move on to understanding how it should be used and who it is for.

How the Digital Citizenship Bonus is to be used and to whom

To give an adequate response to the discomfort that has arisen with the coronavirus, once remote activity has become necessary, the 5 Star Movement has intervened. The same has submitted an amendment to the relaunch decree, providing for the introduction of a electronic bonus of 200 EUR in favor of young people and categories at risk of exclusion. This is a benefit, that is, aimed at categories that are at the antipodes but with a common problem, that of having to approach digitalization. It therefore includes those who turn 18 in 2021, as well as those over the age of 65. The bonus can only be used for the purchase of IT goods and services, hardware, software and connectivity. Those who obtain it must be in possession of pec or other qualified certified electronic delivery service.

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