How much is the pension of a craftsman with 30 years of contributions?


How much is the pension of a craftsman with 30 years of contributions? We answer to a craftsman who for 30 years has accumulated 30 years of contributions and wants to know how much the pension he will receive. Workers often wonder what the monthly allowance will be because they fear it will not be enough to meet the needs of old age. Fears increase for self-employed workers who do not have a high contributory amount. Last time we answered those who asked who asked “How much does a craftsman with 35 years of contributions receive a pension? “

Now let’s check the amount of the pension of a craftsman with 30 years of contributions. Obviously the amount that will be paid to him on a monthly basis will be less than that of a worker who has a longer contributory history. And this also for the same conditions and working hours. This is why it is sometimes worth considering the possibility of integrating the contribution amount with the payment of voluntary contributions.

What is the pension of a craftsman with 30 years of contributions

To know how much a self-employed person who has carried out the profession of craftsman will receive, you need to know the amount of his salary. We therefore assume that the worker in question received wages just under € 16 thousand. We are therefore considering a very modest salary and slightly higher than the annual minimum wage.

Let’s assume that the craftsman has reached the age of 64 and that he has 30 years of contributions, 10 of which paid by 1995. The amount of the pension rate will be higher or lower in relation to the calculation system used. According to the mixed method, the gross monthly allowance will be equal to 642 euros and the net monthly allowance to 625. There is a net loss for the pensioner if instead the contributory recalculation. The gross monthly allowance would in fact amount to 558 euros and the net allowance to 558.

The difference in salary between one method of calculation and the other is significant and weighs negatively on the pensioner’s portfolio. If we consider the gross amounts, the difference is 13%, for the net amounts 11%.

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