How is the real estate market changing? Popular houses and areas after Covid …


The real estate market tries to restart after the long lockdown pause. What are the most requested areas now? Do you still prefer the city or less frequented areas in the province, in the hills or towards Lake Garda? After Covid-19, what are the characteristics that a healthy home that respects the environment and has low energy consumption must have? Possibly using the tax incentives provided by the Government: but are they already usable? And how?

We will talk about it – on June 10, at 3pm live on our website with Carlo Trestini, President Ance, Leonardo Meoni, president Fiaip, Alessandro Bonucci of AUxilia Finance e Massimo Tadiello, builder. The editor-in-chief of the Arena will moderate Maurizio Battista.

The appointment will be proposed on Telearena in the early evening on Wednesday 10 June at 20.30.

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