Housemarque, Resogun’s studio, will be at the presentation with a launch game –


Housemarque, the studio famous for Resogun and Alienation, will be present at PS5 presentation with their most ambitious project. Not only that, this game will also be one of the titles of launching of Sony’s next-gen console.

The independent Finnish studio said it had paused the development of Stormdivers to focus on their more ambitious project that got exceptional support from a mysterious partner. The mysterious partner turned out to be (with few surprises given the previous ones) Sony.

Not only that, the studio wants to show its project, a game that should be something other than an arcade game, during the PS5 presentation event. And the game will be part of the lineup launch console, a real honor for such a small, yet talented developer.

What do you think it will be? By selling the proclamations, it shouldn’t be a remastered nor an action-arcade game. What are you betting on?

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