Horror in the Mediterranean Body of a 5 month old girl found on the Libyan coast |


Horror in the Mediterranean Body of a 5-month-old girl found on the Libyan coast. The genocide of migrants in the Mediterranean knows no fear, not even for the Covid pandemic19.

Four days ago a boat capsized in Libyan waters causing the death of 12 people including 2 children.

A few days after that tragedy, the newspaper The Republic reports the dramatic news confirmed by Half Red Moon of the find on the beach of Sorman (Libya) the body of a 5 month old girl. One of the two small victims of the shipwreck.

A tragedy within a tragedy.

The day before another shipwreck in the vicinity of the Tunisian coast which registered a balance of 60 dead.

The journeys and deaths of despair go on without theEuropean Union decide to take concrete action to stop this genocide and to help these people who flee from hell in search of a normal life, beyond the sea.

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Love and hate. Life and death. Homosexuality and Homophobia. These are the keywords of the novel “REDEMPTIONS”. United States of America. The racial fanaticism of a US association will upset the lives of a group of friends and lead them to confront their dark side. A fanaticism that will lead a father to desire the death of his own son, considered “against nature”. The love of two young boys, broken by homophobia, will succeed in redeeming one of their torturers in his tragedy.

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