Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at the PS5 event? Guerrilla Games launches teaser


Two developers of Guerrilla Games invited their Twitter followers to follow the event SS5 scheduled on Thursday 4 June.

The event will show the first games to be released for the next Sony console, scheduled for launch or in the launch window and we do not know if even beyond.

These teasers, however informally published (and then removed), could be an indication of the presence of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to the digital showcase.

To unbutton were the quest designer Blake Rebouche and lead animator Richard Oud, who asked their followers to tune in to follow the broadcast.

Oud also asked fans to «Mark the date on your calendars», before canceling, as the colleague of the Dutch software house, the twittering.

A rather suspicious circumstance, which would suggest how the two spoke too precipitously of a reveal that could take place shortly.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at PS5 event? Guerrilla Games launches teaser

From what we have heard recently, there would be a plan by the Dutch house to make not only a new chapter in the story of Aloy but even a trilogy.

In this trilogy of Horizon, with the first already released, the cooperative would also find space, which would be thought of as the fundamental gameplay and not a simple mode.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at PS5 event? Guerrilla Games launches teaser

The original Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for PC this summer, but should not be part of the PS5 event expected for the current week.

The reveal of the second chapter of the Guerrilla Games series would be in line with the very high expectations set by Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who is thinking of this event as a real E3.

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