Hope in the House: “Second wave possible. Collaboration between parties obligatory”. Pass majority resolution


Collaboration between majority and opposition “is a must”. Because the epidemic is not yet completely overcome. A second wave is not certain but possible and the guard must be kept high. For this reason, there are still no guarantees for a reopening of the borders to non-EU countries from 15 June. These are, in a nutshell, the fundamental passages of the information on Covid in the Chamber of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, already held yesterday in the Senate, which approved the majority resolution on the minister’s communications with 124 votes in favor and 90 against. Opposition resolution rejected. Today, however, it fell to Montecitorio, which gave the green light to the majority resolution. The measure passed with 254 votes in favor and 193 abstentions from the center-right, after the minister’s invitation to include in the document the commitment for the government “to give top priority to the preparatory work in view of the reopening of the schools in September, which will take place in complete safety “. The document presented by the majority also commits the government “to respond quickly, compatibly with the evolution of epidemiological data, to the request for the opening of all those sectors and activities, such as recreational, receptive, congress, fair events and summer camps, which represent an important part of the country’s economy and social life “and” to also give priority to the economic support of those activities that are most suffering due to the continuation of the closure measures or to the significant impact of the social distancing measures “.This is the application for the first time of the parliamentarization procedure for emergency measures for coronavirus. To underline it is the deputy dem and constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti: “Beyond the legitimate opinions that can be had on the information of Minister Speranza, I hope everyone will realize that the procedure we have identified is guaranteeing the transparency and involvement that we set ourselves”.

Dialogue between majority and opposition

First of all, therefore, the appeal for institutional collaboration: “We need a clear dialectic between majority and opposition – the minister said in the courtroom – between forces that at different institutional levels have, in the management of health, relevant and concurrent government responsibilities , as defined in article 117 of our Constitution. For me, collaboration is not a choice but a real institutional obligation “.


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We therefore need an “all-out comparison, starting from the political forces present in Parliament, with the many precious energies of the health professions, the scientific world, universities, volunteering and associations. A strong institutional and social synergy is the compass which can allow us to cross the terrible storm that, step by step, we are trying to put behind us “.


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The second wave of the coronavirus

“Within several legitimate scientific assessments and researches, I believe that we must not fuel a surreal division between pessimists and optimists – added Speranza – A second wave or a resurgence is not certain, but it is possible. And therefore we must be ready. “The minister underlined that” there are objectively encouraging data “: the healed increase, the contagion curve decreases, many regions are zero, the deceased decrease. The Rt index is throughout Italy below 1. But it is only a part of reality, because “the epidemic has not ended, it is not over: there are still active transmission outbreaks and the virus, even if in a reduced form and with a prevalence of asymptomatic cases, continues to circular”.

“The measures adopted have always been accompanied by very difficult choices. Together with the extraordinary sacrifices of millions of Italians and Italians, they have allowed us to bend the contagion curve. We must never forget it. It is with the measures that the Government and Regions have adopted that we have saved the lives of thousands of people, we have lightened the unsustainable burden that came to our health facilities and we have developed, day after day, the conditions for Italy to finally start again “. On monitoring “there was not a model ready to be taken, our scientists developed the model”.

in reproduction ….

From 15 June cinemas and theaters reopen

Speranza recalled that from June 15, activities for cinemas, theaters and concerts will resume with the limit of 200 people indoors and 1,000 outdoors. Also from June 15, recreational and recreational activities for children will resume.


Phase 3, the majority in Speranza: “Reopen the receptive, recreational and congress activities”

No guarantees yet on openings to non-Shengen countries

As for the opening of borders to non-European countries, Speranza has clarified that “the global epidemiological framework does not yet offer sufficient guarantees for an opening without prudential rules as early as June 15. The data coming from many areas of the world, in particular from the Americas and from the East, they signal a worrying growth of the contagion that we cannot afford to underestimate. In Europe things are better. But the global picture is still very complex “.


Phase 2, confirmed June 3 also for opening national borders to EU countries

Prioritize school

“On 20 and 21 June the Serie A championship will resume behind closed doors – continued Speranza – we must decide on congress activities and fair events”. But the priority is the “reopening of all schools from September, on which to focus attention and resources”.

Vaccine for all, EU on the front line

“As is evident, prudence remains the fundamental rule for me because we will not be definitively ‘safe’ without the vaccine which is the main tool to definitively defeat this pandemic – the Health manager remarked – Italy in recent weeks protagonist of a strong initiative in Europe. Together with my colleagues from Germany, France and Holland we have built a leading alliance that will guide the supply of the vaccine for all European countries. The Union must be able to guarantee, through a fair and transparent process, that everyone can have access to the vaccine. ” And he concluded: “I believe that a strong message must come from the Italian Parliament, from all political forces, so that the vaccine is considered a global public good, a right for everyone and not a privilege for a few. The coming weeks will be We must continue to work to keep the country united from North to South “.


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