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New clashes between police and pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. It happened at the end of a day marked by the approval by the Legislative Assembly, the local parliament, by the controversial Chinese national anthem law, which provides for fines of up to 50 thousand Hong Kong dollars (5,757 euros) and penalties of up to three years in prison for anyone who proves “disrespectful” to the Chinese national anthem, or worse, “insults”.

The tensions started with the debate in the classroom, this morning: the session was interrupted after two pro-democratic MPs, Chu Hoi-dick and Ray Chan, threw a liquid emanating a bad smell, which later turned out to be bio- fertilizer, in protest against China for the massacre in Tiananmen square. “A murderer stinks forever. What we did today serves to remind the world that we will never forgive the Chinese Communist Party for killing its people thirty-one years ago,” said Chu after the gesture. The delay in parliamentary work did not prevent the passage of the law, which obtained 41 votes in favor and only one against. Under the law passed today, “all individuals and organizations” must “play and sing” the March of the volunteers, the Chinese anthem, “on appropriate occasions”, and all primary and secondary school students will have to learn it at school .

Clashes between demonstrators and police in Hong Kong during the anniversary for the commemoration of Tiananmen

The law also establishes the occasions when the hymn is to be performed, including the main sporting events. After the first go-ahead to the National Security Law in Hong Kong by the National People’s Assembly, the legislative body of the Chinese parliament, the national anthem law is seen as a new sign of the Beijing squeeze on the former colony British. Outside the palace, meanwhile, demonstrations have multiplied to remember the victims of the massacre thirty-one years ago in Beijing.

The traditional commemoration vigil in Victoria Park was banned in recent days, for the first time since 1990, due to fears of the spread of Covid-19, but the ban imposed by the police did not prevent participants and organizers of the event annual to enter the park and force the blocks to commemorate the victims of the massacre. During the commemoration slogans were chanted such as the now known “Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our times”, but the event took place peacefully and without the intervention of the police.

Tension rose in the evening in the Mong Kok neighborhood on the Kowloon Peninsula, where police used the stinging spray and made four arrests among protesters who were trying to block a road. In Sheung Wan, on the island of Hong Kong, the bomb squads destroyed a suspicious package – then the absence of explosives inside was ascertained – and the police forces surrounded the headquarters of the government liaison office Chinese to Hong Kong, to prevent the arrival of a group of pro-democracy protesters.

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