Homophobia, the CEI against the bill: “Risk of liberticide drifts”


The Italian bishops take the field against the bill on homophobia for the attention of Parliament: “No new law is needed. Indeed, the possible introduction of further incriminating rules would risk opening up liberticide “. The CEI note explains that talking about the bill against homophobia. For bishops “There are already adequate safeguards with which to prevent and repress any violent or persecutory behavior”. And “this awareness leads us to look with concern at the bills currently under examination at the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies against homotransphobia crimes”.

The CEI Presidency stresses that “Discriminations, including those based on sexual orientation, constitute a violation of human dignity, which, as such, must always be respected in words, in actions and in legislation. Injurious treatments, threats, aggressions, injuries, bullying, stalking … are as many forms of attack on the sacredness of human life and must therefore be countered in no uncertain terms ». In its note, the Italian Episcopal Conference recalls that in the national legal system “There are already adequate safeguards with which to prevent and repress any violent or persecutory behavior”. And he adds: “For these areas, not only is there no regulatory vacuum, but also gaps that justify the urgency of new provisions. So ca new law would end up hitting the expression of a legitimate opinion, rather than sanctioning discrimination “.

The CEI Presidency speaks of “introduction of the crime of opinion”: “This for example would mean subjecting to criminal proceedings those who believe that the family requires a father and a mother to be such, and not the duplication of the same figure. This in fact limits personal freedom, educational choices, the way of thinking and being, the exercise of criticism and dissent. We firmly believe that, in addition to carefully applying the provisions already in force, we must first of all promote the educational commitment in the direction of serious prevention, which will help to ward off and counter any offense against the person. There is no need for mutual controversy or excommunication on this, but availability for an authentic and intellectually honest confrontation ». “To the extent that this dialogue takes place in freedom – concludes the CEI note – both respect for the person and the democracy of the country will benefit.”

June 10, 2020 (change June 10, 2020 | 1:13 pm)


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