Holy Face Lucca, original and oldest wooden sculpture – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – FLORENCE, JUNE 19 – Diagnostic investigations with the
carbon 14 made for the first time on the famous Holy Face of
Lucca gave a striking result: the work can be dated between
the eighth and ninth centuries. It is the confirmation, it is explained, that it is
of the first and only Holy Face, which an ancient text believed
legendary claimed to have arrived in Lucca in 782 AD and not
of a 12th century work, replica of an older original
lost, as art history studies believed
till now. In light of the new data, the Holy Face of Lucca is the
oldest wooden sculpture of the West. The survey
diagnostics was started for celebrations for 950 years
from the refoundation of the Lucca Cathedral. The work is one
of the most revered icons of Christianity: its cult in
Middle Ages extended to all of Europe. (HANDLE).


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