Holidays, the hotel starts again in fits and starts. And the season gets shorter


In Venice it seemed that the Hotel Excelsior del Lido did not reopen. One of the most famous hotels in the world was in danger of being closed in the summer of 2020, overwhelmed by Covid-19 and the lack of foreign tourists, leaving even the Film Festival outside the door, confirmed despite everything. Instead, just a few days ago the Coima Sgr which manages the Lido di Venezia II fund and therefore also the large 5-star luxury hotel has decided to reopen, but only from August 1st. The beaches with the famous huts will be operational from June 27th.

In Rome, of 1,200 hotels, 90% are still closed. And many hoteliers, without foreigners, think they will reopen only from September. In Puglia, 90% of the structures closed and many still do not know if and when to resume. In Naples, the local Federalberghi counts, out of 150 hotels, only 15 are open with reservations close to zero. In Tuscany, an estimated 70% loss of annual turnover is estimated: the first reopenings are beginning to be seen on the coast but in the cities of art, without events and concerts, the season could jump and go directly to 2021.

Fears about the fallout from the epidemic, financial difficulties, lack of foreign tourists. The 2020 summer season for Italian hoteliers will be one of the hardest and shortest. And to think that for hotels, the lockdown did not provide for closings. But the end of the quarantine is likely not to be enough to revive a season that had to start around Easter and instead still stops.

Marco Michielli, vice-president of Federalberghi and Confturismo and president of Federalberghi and Confturismo Veneto, he told his associates to do the math well, because a hotel must work at least 65% and here we risk losing it. To reopen after Covid, he explains, there are not only the costs of sanitation: more hiring is needed for the shift, the reorganization of the spaces for the distances: all spread over just 3 months of work. And if someone gets sick, the hotel may end up in quarantine. Too risky. Michielli owns the Hotel San Marco in Bibione Pineda: for now I won’t open. I can’t imagine customers wearing a mask and not be a policeman if two people are too close.

In Rome, the famous Hotel Hassler in Trinit de ’Monti has decided to open only from September 1st. Its owner and director Roberto Wirth prefers to wait for the arrival of foreign tourists who are 70% in the capital. This is another fear. Because if in the summer of 2020, the sector can count on 40% of Italians who usually choose abroad, foreign tourists will miss that in many Italian locations they are the majority of customers: 90% on Lombardy lakes; 60% in Veneto (90% in Venice); as many in the Tuscan cities of art; 7.

From North to South everyone is waiting for the reopening of the bordersand the restart of international flights. And help from the government. Because the € 500 holiday bonus cannot be enough. only a tax credit – explains Giuseppe Roscioli (Federalberghi Roma) -, but here we need a Marshall Plan for tourism, we are 13% of the GDP, there are millions of jobs at risk and soon the layoff ends. Even the stop at the Imu installment of 16 June cannot be enough, says Daniele Barbetti (Federalberghi Toscana): Structural interventions are needed, additional measures to ferry the sector to 2021, otherwise it will be a disaster.

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