higher and more stable fluidity and framerates


Lately, Phil Spencer, face of the gaming division of Microsoft, was a guest in a podcast conducted by Reggie Fils-Aimé, former President of Nintendo America.

As the next gen launch approaches, Xbox Series X and the news related to the next green-flagship flagship were inevitably among the topics of conversation. During the meeting, in particular Spencer shared some interesting statements related to the news coming on the front of the fluidity he was born in framerate.

It is difficult to explain the feeling generated by playing on a console on which the framerate is higher and more stable. Fluidity [dei giochi Xbox Series X] it is something that, simply, it is impossible to understand by showing it in a video. How can you show the sensation produced by something? – began – We are at a point where the immersivity perceived through fluidity and other things like that is on the same level as that offered by the visual abilities we have. How to share it with the public in the current world?“.

Recently, the Microsoft team also highlighted the great importance of backward compatibility support on Xbox Series X and software content coming to the console. Not only hardware innovation, therefore: the Remond House has promised a historic line-up from Xbox Game Studios.

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