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Three crises may arise in the autumn: political, economic and migrant crises. And then only the vote will remain

Massimiliano Lenzi

Italy could risk the perfect storm in autumn, or the welding between the economic crisis – with thousands of fruit activities and millions of Italians grappling with putting lunch and dinner together – the migration crisis, with the summer restart of the landings and arrivals from Libya (and not only) and the political crisis, after yesterday the leader of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti said clearly that there are no alternatives to Giuseppe Conte and to this government, ergo if Conte were to fall, he would not remain that the vote.

Vilfredo Pareto, economist and theorist of the politics of elitism between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, had written a definitive consideration on the dynamics of power: “History makes us know that the ruling classes have always tried to speak to the people the language they estimated not the truest, but the most convenient for the purpose they aimed for. ” Here, if the Conte government were to fall in the Italian autumn under the blows of three economic, political and migratory crises (not even with some help from Europe), the political conveniences of those who govern today would become inconvenient and open a phase of chaos for all Italians. Stuff to dull the times of criticism of the caste. A chaos with unpredictable results.

For this reason the words of Zingaretti, leader of the Democratic Party, the majority government party, which underline how this Executive needs a qualitative leap, adding however the note that there are no alternatives to this coalition, in fact open a political dead end in the case of a failure of this majority in the revitalization of the country and in the management of migration policies. A plan b, in politics, is always healthy and the paradox is that at this moment the Democratic Party, which keeps Conte premier alive, does not have a plan b. While Conte, he, instead, keeps an alternative in the drawer and is to make his own party in case things went wrong. More than reasoning about States General then, an empty word, which means nothing but the memento of how Louis XVI (who had summoned them, the General States, in 1789) ended in France in the late eighteenth century), severed, the policy that has government responsibilities should open a crisis table with Europe to immediately demand a shared containment of migratory flows (and not only on Italy’s shoulders) and money suffered, from the beginning of July, beyond all borders of bureaucracy and slowness that always puts everything off. Because if this does not happen then the Italians will touch the perfect storm and this political elite, today in government, will go down in history as the worst, the most unprepared and talkative, that our Italy has ever had. With the risk of an entire country going bankrupt.

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