here’s what the blues did at the beginning of training


Latest football Napoli – Mourning Gattuso, team hug and minute of silence at Castel Volturno before training

Latest football Napoli – Mourning Gennaro Gattuso, this morning the coach directed the training himself before going to Calabria for his sister’s funeral.

Mourning Gattuso, nice gesture of the team in Castel Volturno

But what happened this morning in Castel Volturno? Massimo Ugolini, a colleague of Sky Sport, intervened from outside the technical center of Castel Volturno:

“Rino Gattuso showed up this morning in the sports center of Castel Volturno to direct the training before going to Calabria for his sister’s funeral. There was an intense and touching moment with the team at the beginning of the session. There is it was a minute of silence before starting the training, the whole team embraced Gattuso to remember the technician’s sister who passed away a few days ago. After the training the coach left Castel Voltuno to head to Calabria “.

Gattuso in Castel Volturno

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