Here’s how tourists who move from one region to another will be “tracked” from June 3


The module

You must fill in a form and indicate the name, surname, date of birth, residence, domicile. You will need to self-certify that you are not coronavirus positive and that you have no symptoms.

Planes and ships

Before checking in at the airport or boarding ships or ferries, you may be asked to complete the same form.

Hotels and houses

The request for completing the form can be made upon arrival at the hotel facilities or to take possession of the house for rent.

The fever

You cannot escape the temperature measurement. Those who have 37.5 may be denied boarding. In this case, the alert for quarantine can be triggered.

The contacts

You may be asked to declare if you came into contact with people with coronavirus, but also what were the movements before arrival. In case of suspicion, you may be asked to indicate the generalities of the people with whom you have come in contact to exclude any contagions.

The tests

The task of carrying out checks on contacts will be delegated to the police and in any case must be reported to the health authority.


If contacts with positive people emerge, quarantine may be arranged.

14 days

The forms must be kept for 14 days to carry out further checks in case of suspected coronavirus infection.

Voluntary tests

Serological tests that can only be performed on a voluntary basis cannot be imposed.

June 1, 2020 (change June 1, 2020 | 09:24)


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