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Lsummer is upon us and even if the situation in recent months has not been easy, now the Italians do not want to give up holidays, albeit with changes compared to previous years. About 36 million Italians will leave for a few days of vacation, at the seaside or in the mountains, according to a recent survey by the consulting agency Comin & Partners.Read also> Stuck in a gorge, a couple of hikers spend the night attached to a tree on an overhang

Those who start this year will be able to take advantage of the Holiday Bonus, an economic aid to families, contained in the relaunch decree of 19 May, which offers a contribution of up to € 500 per family to be used for stays in hotels, campsites, tourist villages, farmhouses and bed & breakfast in Italy. A guide has been published on the Revenue Agency website explaining how to get it.

The bonus can be requested from 1 July to 31 December 2020 and family members with ISEE up to 40 thousand euros can get it. The calculation of the ISEE can be done on the INPS website with the personal and income data of the family unit. The nuceli with two people can take advantage of a bonus of 300 euros, while singles of 150 euros.

The bonus can be used by only one member of the family, even different from the person who requested it. It must be spent in a single solution, at a single tourist accommodation facility in Italy and usable in the measure of 80%, in the form of an immediate discount, for the payment of the services provided by the hotelier, while 20% can be downloaded as a tax deduction. The bonus will be disbursed in digital form, which is why those who request it, in order to obtain it, must have a SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or CIE 3.0 (Electronic Identity Card) digital identity.

After receiving the contribution and making the reservation, all you have to do is show the bonus to the structure, even through your smartphone. The structures, in turn, will receive the bonus obtained by the customer in the form of a usable tax credit, with no limits on the amount of compensation through the F24 form.

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