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Gamers waiting to know which titles they will enjoy on the new one Sony PlayStation 5 which will come out later in the year have a new date to be circled in red on the calendar: it is Thursday 11 June, when the Japanese company will broadcast its presentation event which was initially scheduled for last week. The event will show some of the upcoming games for the console still unpublished during the Christmas season, it will be possible to stream it from the official YouTube channel of the company and will begin at 10 pm, Italian time.

A new generation is coming

The day after tomorrow – appropriately baptized The Future of Gaming – it is one of the most important events for the history yet to be written of PlayStation 5. In a few months the console will in fact inaugurate together with Microsoft’s Xbox X Series a new generation of domestic gaming machines after that represented by PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch whose origins date back to 7 years ago. The games that will be shown during the streaming will therefore give the general public a concrete idea of ​​for the first time what can be expected from the next years from the videogame world.

The event remained

Precisely for this Sony had already decided to postpone the event: initially scheduled for Thursday 4 June, The Future of Gaming had been postponed until a later date because of protests that were upsetting the United States after the killing of African American George Floyd in the context of a police arrest. Those days – the company had communicated – did not seem the right time for any type of celebration, adding that the rumors that were needed remained in the foreground were those of the demonstrators. Meanwhile, the protest movements have spread to numerous cities and countries, but perhaps precisely because they have taken on more structured connotations – and the most dramatic moments seem to be behind us – Sony has decided to set a new date for its event.

What will be shown

Sony has announced that the streaming will be a pre-recorded show that will last just over an hour, during which some of the most exciting titles coming to the console will be shown. For viewing it is also recommended theuse of headphones: Sony specified it in his blog, probably because PlayStation 5 and its games – as anticipated by the company – will rely heavily on 3D audio. The group finally added that even after the end of the event it will remain still a lot to reveal on the world of PlayStation 5; the hypothesis therefore is that on Thursday the games can be unveiled, but not the console itself – of which for the moment only the logo, some of the key specifications and the controller are known.

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