Here are two new bizarre products launched by Xiaomi


Youpin it is a crowdfunding platform launched a few years ago by Xiaomi to give space to its projects but also to those of the numerous companies that orbit the ecosystem of the Chinese giant. In addition to “traditional” technological products, occasionally special but equally interesting products are launched.

It is the case of Fixnow Battery Powered Foam Gun for Cars is MIJIA Smart Kitchen Hood. In the first case, it is a gun for washing your car, operating through a lithium battery that allows you to not need electricity for the; use. Just connect the water hose and insert the detergent into the appropriate tank to have what is necessary.

The 2,600 mAh battery powers an engine brushless which allows to obtain water at a pressure of 2.4 MPa or 1.4 MPa, for more energetic or delicate interventions. The battery recharges in about two and a half hours thanks to the 25 watt fast charge. The price in China is 299 yuan, about 38 euros but we will hardly see it in Europe if not through some importer.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Kitchen Hood is instead a kitchen extractor hood to be mounted on the wall above the stove. In this way it is possible to aspirate the fumes produced during cooking of the food by conveying them to the outside thanks to a very large vent pipe.

The hood is particularly interesting because it can be controlled through the MIJIA app, with a series of connections with the hobs of the same brand. It is able to suck 20 cubic meters of air per minute and is on sale in China for 1,499 yuan, about 190 euros. Also in this case the only possibility to see it in Europe is to resort to third-party importers.

Definitely more traditional, and with a good chance of ending up on international markets, it is Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Pro, an earphone to be connected to your smartphone equipped with a support to better secure it to your ear. This support can be rotated 180 degrees to adapt perfectly to the right or left ear, depending on your preferences.

The headset uses a Qualcomm QCC3030 chipset and a 12mm dynamic driver for very high audio quality. The 100 mAh battery guarantees 8 hours of calls on a single charge and the 600 mAh battery in the case allows you to get up to over 40 hours of autonomy.

The charging of the headset takes place via pin while the box can be recharged via POGO pin or USB Type-C connector for faster charging. The connection to the smartphone is via Bluetooth 5.0 and there is support for Siri, Google Assistant and XiaoAI. The price in China is 199 yuan, about 25 euros, but it is likely that we will see it soon also in international markets.

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