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Lots of news coming to Whatsapp. As revealed by the guys from WABetaInfo, who have always been very knowledgeable about everything related to the world of the Facebook app, the multi-device support that will allow you to use the same phone number on multiple smartphones and PCs is slowly approaching. simultaneously.

The feature has been in development for a few months and evidently the work is going on. Whatsapp however, it did not provide any indication of the possible launch date, but it is also testing other functions such as search by date, new tools for using storage space, the possibility of deleting all messages in a conversation except for those marked as important, ShareChat support and web browsing .

The delete all messages feature is already being tested on iOS and will allow you to “save” from cleaning the chats those answers marked as important. The current version of Whatsapp already has an option to delete all messages except the important ones, but if you perform the procedure from “data and archive use” it will not take this into account and will perform the complete cancellation. The new feature will allow you to delete messages and files without losing important ones.

As for i new tools to use storage space, will soon reach the Android version of Whatsapp and will allow you to manage memory usage more efficiently. By opening the panel it will be possible to obtain information on the files that occupy the most and those forwarded, but also to order the photos shared in chat by date and size.

Also very interesting is the new web search system, which was introduced in the beta version of Whatsapp for iOS. Users will be able to perform a reverse image search on Google to get more information. The news is also being developed on Android.

The integration with ShareChat is mainly aimed at Indians, as it is a popular social network that boasts over 60 million monthly active users.

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