Healthcare, Paolo Bordon is the new director of AUSL Bologna


Paolo Bordon is the new general manager of the Local Health Authority of Bologna. Born in 1963 and graduated in law, since May 2016 he has been general manager of the Provincial Health Services Company of Trento and previously was general manager of the Health Care Company Friuli Ovest di Pordenone. Then, from December 2013 to the end of 2014, of the Santa Maria degli Angeli Hospital in Pordenone and earlier (2009-2013) he led the Company for the Lower Friulian Health Services of Palmanova. Paolo Bordon

Together with Bordon, the Region, on June 25, appointed all the new managers of the Companies of the Health Service of Emilia-Romagna. The regional council has adopted the designation resolutions of nine general managers and two commissioners who will guide the local health authorities and hospitals for the next 4 years, from Piacenza to Romagna.

“Our choices were dictated by the competence, experience and merit of the designated professionals – underline the President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, and the Councilor for Health Policies, Raffaele Donini-. The number of women is increasing, from two to five, some directors come from other regions, also demonstrating the attractiveness of our health system. Emilia-Romagna is an excellent healthcare, and it is essential that capable people with a professional history worthy of the job compete to guide it. My thanks go to those who have covered these roles so far even in a particularly complex phase such as the one we have gone through, and which still awaits us, because health care will be the pillar of the restart. Best wishes for new directors – adds the president -. They face a demanding path, important responsibilities and a common challenge: to raise even more the quality of our health service, which has confirmed its solidity, strength and great humanity even in this dramatic period. With a further clear objective: to continue along the path of aggregation, given that in Parma and Ferrara we want to arrive at a unique company “.

In Piacenza Luca Baldino (Local Health Authority); in Parma Massimo Fabi (University Hospital) and, as commissioner, Anna Maria Petrini (Local Health Authority); in Reggio Emilia Cristina Marchesi (Usl-Irccs company); in Modena appointed Claudio Vagnini (University Hospital); in Bologna as well as Bordon, and Anselmo Campagna (Irccs Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli); in Ferrara Monica Calamai (Local Health Authority) and, as commissioner, Paola Bardasi (University Hospital); in Imola Andrea Rossi (Local Health Authority) and in Romagna Tiziano Carradori (Local Health Authority).

For Parma and Ferrara the nomination is for commissioners, because together with the directors they will work for the unification of the two companies (Health and University Hospital).

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The team is completed with Antonio Brambilla at the direction of the Local Health Authority of Modena and Chiara Gibertoni at that of the Bologna University Hospital, currently in office.

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