“He was filming on his cell phone and invaded the lane”


Alex Zanardi, the witness reveals: “He was filming on his cell phone and he invaded the lane”. In confirmation of these words there would also be a video acquired by the investigators.

New details emerge regarding the disastrous accident involving Alex Zanardi while on board his handbike. The Paralympic champion collided violently with a truck and suffered serious injuries to the face and head. At the moment he is in intensive care, in a pharmacological coma and in stable but very serious conditions.

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The latest news concerns the investigation into the dynamics of the accident. A witness and a video recording revealed what really happened.

The witness: “Alex Zanardi invaded the lane, he was on a cell phone”

Alex Zanardi

According to reports from Il Messaggero, the witness said he saw Zanardi with his cell phone in his hand while he was presumably making a video of the panorama. At that point, according to the testimony, the former driver invaded the lane without realizing it. Just then the truck was arriving which was not traveling at high speed. Realizing at the last moment of the heavy vehicle Zanardi would have tried to brake and deviate by overturning and ending up against the truck.

An important correction has arrived regarding the hypothesis that Zanardi was on a cell phone. Alessandro Maestrini, the videomaker from Perugia who followed the amateur cycle event and who made the video of the moment of Zanardi’s accident excludes the indiscretions that he was on the phone when cornering, downhill, just before the crash against the truck: “Zanardi was at the mobile phone to make a video at the start and during an earlier phase of the race in a flat stretch. He wasn’t making any videos just before the curve. “

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Zanardi accident

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