“He screamed that she is dead and that pigs also eat human flesh” – Libero Quotidiano


Disturbing new details emerge from the past of Christian Brueckner, the man investigated for the murder of Maddie McCann, the three year old English girl who disappeared in 2007. Brueckner’s personality emerges Slow Johlitz, a former employee who worked at the kiosk run by Brueckner himself in northern Germany. “Once – the young woman told the German newspaper Bild – he completely lost control when we sat down with some friends and had a conversation about the Maddie case. He wanted us to stop talking about it and he shouted: Now the girl is just dead. You can quickly make a corpse disappear! Pigs also eat human flesh! ‘ “.

But Lenta was not the only one to break the silence. Peter Erdmann, who worked in an elementary school 100 meters from the kiosk, told of all those “ponies and teddy bears” that Brueckner gave to children. “At the time – the man explained – I didn’t think much about it. I went to see Christian in the kiosk and he always seemed friendly. I also asked him if he was giving him gifts and he told me he had a full box of toys at the kiosk. Thinking about your intentions now I’m sick. I wish I had raised the matter with my superiors at the time. I’m sorry I wasn’t more suspicious at the time, but now I’m going to talk to the police. ”

Then there is the testimony of an ex-Brueckner girl who said she was strangled and abused by the pedophile. “She was about 17 and blonde. She was a very small, frail woman. She told me that Brueckner had hit her and strangled her. She told me herself. I saw signs of strangulation on his neck – confessed a knowledge of the pedophile, Norbert M., to then add -. It allowed 9-year-olds to work for him in the kiosk. He once went on vacation to Portugal for six weeks and he left the dogs alone to die“. Brueckner now has 17 convictions for the most disparate crimes and for the Portuguese investigators the 43-year-old convict could be linked to Maddie’s disappearance. The indications are clear.

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