He may have vision and breathing problems


How are you Alex Zanardi? To take stock of the conditions of the icon of the Italian sport that was involved in a bad road accident in handbike yesterday evening, the medical bulletin of 6 pm released by the Emergency Department of the Urgency hospital of Siena arrived. The conditions of the sample class 1966 remain serious, especially from the neurological point of view, but stable. The response of Zanardi’s physicist to yesterday’s delicate surgery was good, although doctors are concerned about the possible damage to vision and the nasal septum that could create breathing problems

Alex Zanardi, the medical bulletin at 6pm

The long-awaited 6 pm medical bulletin on Alex Zanardi’s condition has arrived. In the last note issued by the university hospital Le Scotte di Siena we read: “the patient, who underwent a delicate neurosurgery on the evening of June 19, and subsequently transferred to intensive care, has stable hemodynamic and metabolic parameters. It is intubated and supported by artificial ventilation while the neurological picture remains serious“. If Zanardi’s physical response to the treatments was positive by virtue of a physique accustomed to the efforts and already put to the test by the very serious accident in 2001, the possible damage to sight and to the nasal septum are worrying:”Some details, such as the trained physique, give us confidence but it risks having consequences for sight and breathing “.

As Zanardi is, in the latest news the possible damage to eyesight

Professor Sabino Scolletta, director of the Emergency Emergency Department of the hospital of Siena, gave further indications on the conditions of Alex Zanardi and confirmed to the press: “There are no particular changes compared to this morning, conditions are stable. The patient is mechanically ventilated. The clinical picture is generally good even if the neurological picture remains serious“Unfortunately, Scolletta also stressed the possible damage to eyesight, related to eye injuries:”We asked our ophthalmologists for thorough advice because there is some eye injury. The trauma is also facial and, therefore, it is likely that there may be lesions of the visual field. But the evaluation can only be done in the next few days. Hard to say now “

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