“He doesn’t even learn it for a fee” – Libero Quotidiano


“I got stuck not because I forgot the words, but because I got a very strong sadness. I got excited, such an empty stage is a shame. “With these words Sergio Sylvestre justified his disaster at the Coppa Italia final between Naples and Juventus, where we have forgotten a verse of the national anthem. A forgetfulness that has sparked controversy and anger online: a scar on the Italian flag. And among those who turn up their noses, here it is Guido Crosetto, the Giant of Fratelli d’Italia, who entrusts his short and pointed reflection to Twitter, where he writes: “To make the anthem sing in a sports final to people who do not know it and have no intention of learning it, not even for a fee “, and at the bottom” Done “with green tick. Obvious the bitter irony of Crosetto.

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