he didn’t even want to leave the photos to his wife


Killed children, the father threw their phones: he did not want to leave even the photos to his wife

A destructive fury that swallowed everything. The children, the wife, himself. Mario Bressi, the murderer of two children, of his family life Gemini 12-year-old Elena and Diego wanted to erase every trace so that Daniela Fumagalli had nothing left. Not even the photos the kids had on their cell phones. When the body of the man, who launched himself from the Vittoria bridge in Cremeno was recovered on Saturday morning, he did not have a cell phone on him or was found in the surrounding area. And from the vacation home of Margno, in high Valsassina, the children’s phones have also disappeared. Bressi took care to throw them on some cliffs in the mountains before committing suicide, so as not to leave even the comfort of memories to his wife.

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The last night of the 45-year-old employee, who the investigators are retracing by lining up the messages sent to his wife, is a delusional crescendo of grudge and recriminations. Three, in particular, the WhatsApp that she sent to Daniela Fumagalli between two and three, at home in Gessate while her husband had been in the mountains with their children for a week. The last is a long letter in which Bressi accuses: “You have destroyed our family”. The previous messages were of the same tenor, a sequence of hateful phrases towards the woman responsible for “the ruin of marriage”. The separation was at the beginning, but Bressi was already overwhelmed by an uncontrollable liveliness that until Friday had not manifested in any way. So much so that his wife gave him the twins for the holiday in Margno. “There was no sign that could cause concern. Everything was proceeding with the utmost tranquility. The lady had contacted me, the separation dossier was right at the beginning. No signed deeds, nor court hearings “, says Davide Colombo, the lawyer to whom Daniela Fumagalli has been entrusted. “It was an unexpected gesture, nobody could have foreseen it, there were no apparent tensions that could justify or make predict such a drama.” She, explains the lawyer, “never filed complaints against her husband, absolutely nothing had happened. There was no violent or quarrelsome separation between them. The lady had no intention of taking his children away from him. Against his father he had nothing to complain about. Was she willing to go through with the divorce? Who knows, the dynamics in these things are always uncertain ». But for Bressi it was too late, the sworn enemy was the wife and the death of the children the plan to punish her. “That the double murder is premeditated does not matter from the technical point of view of the investigation. If anything, it is for relatives, who need to know the truth », is the reflection of the investigators.

For this reason they have seized the employee’s computer and are reconstructing the last hours of his and his children’s lives. On Friday they went on a trip to the mountains above Margno, saw them take the Pian delle betulle cable car, then returned to the apartment of the residence “Il Castagno”: Elena and Diego played in the courtyard, the neighbors tell, he prepared the dinner. And between the night and the first light of dawn, the strangled girl and her suffocated brother killed them. “He left everything in order, including the corpses. He composed them on the double bed », is the bitter reflection of the investigators. Gessate, where the family lived, is an incredulous town. Diego played on the local soccer team, Elena had followed in mom’s footsteps and skated. “After the quarantine we lost the bond a little and now we have completely lost the bonds”, is the bitter truth written in felt-tip pen on a squared sheet of paper hung by a school friend on the threshold of the two children ‘s building.

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