Hamilton to Ecclestone: “Ignorant comments, never help from F1 when they insulted me because black”


Bernie Ecclestone’s interview in which the former Formula 1 patron claimed that “blacks are sometimes more racist than whites” sparked the harsh reaction of Lewis Hamilton and the new circus masters, the Americans of Liberty. The praise to the six-time world champion (“Lewis is wonderful and this campaign for black people is extraordinary”) did not soften it. “I don’t know where to start …”

With a long intervention on Instagram Hamilton he defined the words of the 89-year-old founder of modern as “ignorant and uneducated” Formula 1 also showing old images of opposing fans with faces and hair painted in black and white shirts with the words “Hamilton’s family”.

Black-painted fans to insult Hamilton (Ig / Hamilton)

They date back to the beginning of his career, at the Spanish Gp in 2007, when in the fiery rivalry with Fernando Alonso in McLaren he was targeted by (not many, fortunately) beceri. Hamilton has never forgotten those insults and now he withdraws them from the drawer: «Now it is clear why nothing has been done to make F1 more open to minorities or to punish the racial abuse that I have suffered. If whoever managed the Formula 1 for decades he has had such a serious lack of understanding of the problems of black people, how can those who work around him be expected to be more sensitive? Everything starts from the top ».

«It is very sad and disappointing to read certain words. Bernie is now out of F1, belongs to an older generation but that’s the problem. The lack of education and ignorance demonstrate how far we are from creating a fairer society. I will continue to use my voice to represent those who do not have the opportunity to speak or who do not have a chance in our sport and in the world “.

Spokesperson for the campaign “Black Lives Matter“, The Mercedes driver has set up a commission to promote diversity in Formula 1. In a week he will be on track in Austria with the aim of reaching the record of Michael Schumacher: win seven World Cup. There will be no public in Styria or in subsequent races, the anti-Covid 19 regulations limit contacts between different teams to the strict minimum.

June 27, 2020 (change June 27, 2020 | 10:32)


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