Hakimi, Real is demanding recompra. No to Bayern for two reasons


The outside owned by Real is ready to sign for Inter and today or at the latest tomorrow will be in Italy for medical visits

Inter are about to close their purchase from outside Real Madrid Hakimi. Only a few details are missing and the white smoke is getting closer. The deal will be concluded by Tuesday and the player will be in Milan tonight or at the latest tomorrow for medical visits. Only details are missing in the agreement with Real, especially with regard to right of recompra.

Perez demands it and also yesterday the two managers worked to identify the amount with which the Casa Blanca can bring it back to Madrid in both the summer of 2021 and that of 2022. Real has no obligation to sell it by June 30 because, in the post Covid, the constraints of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play are less stringent, but its 2019-20 budget with the 40 million (plus 5 of bonuses) it asked for (the CEO Marotta he hopes to close at 38 by increasing bonuses) will still have benefits“, Reveals the Corriere dello Sport.

Hakimi refused Bayern’s offer and chose Inter, although the Bavarians would have guaranteed him a higher engagement: 7 million against the 5 offered by Inter. “He is convinced that Serie A will complete it and that it will be a springboard to make a further leap forward in his career. He also knows that Bayern never sells his jewels (and he didn’t want to spend his whole life in Germany …), while in the presence of a great offer (and of the “buy back”) it is easier for Inter to do so in the future start. Staying at Real was never an option because he did not intend to make the reserve in Carvajal. Thanks to the Growth Decree, Inter will have advantages in terms of tax relief on the 5 million net salary of Hakimi who yesterday, starting from the bench, played the last match with Borussia “, adds the newspaper.



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