Gran Turismo 7, the legendary game becomes a real driving simulator


See the cars, collect them, put them all in a garage. Look at them and relate to them. Stroke and clean them. Sometimes without even getting behind the wheel: this is what the greatest collectors of classic cars in the world often do and it is what Gran Turismo 7 proposes, just presented for the newly formed PlayStation 5. When the car becomes art, on the other hand, it goes beyond its original function, that of means of transport. And so here – this is the true genius of the newborn Gran Turismo 7 – the digital transposition of the passion for the car.A stroke of genius, an unprecedented finesse: already because GT7 thus distances itself from all the other video games, taking up that extraordinary role of leader in the sector. Gran Turismo, or rather “The Real Driving Simulator” as presented by the Polyphony Digital that produces it, on May 8, 1998 with its magic disk for PlayStation upsets the world of consoles and becomes the best selling game ever for that console, with almost 11 million copies.

Gran Turismo 7, the passion for the car is all digital

So GT7 seems to be a return to its roots, to its origins, to the beauty never reached before by version number 4, with its infinite garage to which enthusiasts – after having filled it with effort with victories in all kinds of races – ended up becoming attached .The previous game in the series, “Gran Turismo Sport”, version 6, in fact, had a different approach, it was all focused on the concept of online multiplayer and competition between players. This one instead has a very long “career” mode, similar to the one that was used in “Gran Turismo 4”, one of the biggest games in the series as far as content is concerned.

It is no coincidence that Polyphony Digital founder and chief Kazunori Yamauchi himself stated during the presentation of GT7 that old fans of the series should be thrilled with the new edition. We’ll see. Certainly from the first diffused images of the game, in addition to the graphics, wonderful as always, it is clear that the interiors seem even more detailed than before and that the lighting effects are impressive. It is no coincidence that the first photos are all dedicated to the “Trial Mountain” race, the most spectacular from this point of view …

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