GoVolt scooters and scooter sharing: how it works and prices


GoVolt is a service of sharing of scooters and electric scooters active within the city of Milan. All vehicles are free floating, i.e. without designated areas for parking and without charging restrictions.


The first thing to do is sign up. The procedure, free of charge, is carried out through the application available for iOS and Android devices. To do this, however, it is necessary be of age, have an identity card and a driving license if you want to use scooters. Finally, a valid credit / debit card is required for payments. Creating an account takes just a few steps and all you need to do is follow the instructions within the app.

If you want to drive electric scooters you need to the license is approved. This process can also take a day to wait. They are accepted driving licenses of foreign nationality, as long as they are valid.


Renting an electric scooter is really very simple. All you need to do is start the app and use the map to find the free vehicles nearby. Once you reach the scooter, to unlock it, just do one scan the QR code present on the handlebar. To start the race, users will have to remove the stand, give themselves a little push and press the green lever on the handlebar to accelerate.

On the map you can see theoperational area where you can park. It is also possible to move outside the area at a reduced speed of 6 km / h. To end the rental, you must make sure you are in this area, close the ride through the app and park the electric scooter in the bicycle racks or on the side of the road.

Electric scooter rental is just as easy. Through the app, just locate it and book it. Users will have 15 minutes of free reservation to be able to reach the vehicle and rent it. To unlock it, just press “unlock”. First, however, it must be checked that the license plate matches the one highlighted in the app. Afterwards, the trunk can be opened where there are two helmets of different sizes with special hygienic caps. Through the app it will be possible to see where to park the scooter. It is also possible to move outside the operating area.

If you need to take a break, it is possible to pause the rental. In this way the vehicle will always be available. During the break the same fare is applied as for the ride. To end the race, just be inside the operational area visible in the app, put the helmet in the trunk, make sure that the scooter is off and click on “finish”. Two people can ride on scooters.


GoVolt is available within the city of Milan with the electric scooter sharing service. Scooters will arrive in the future. Originally the rental was also available in Verona. At the moment, however, the service in the Venetian city has been suspended but on the website it is specified that it will soon be available again.

Through the app it is possible to identify the operating area. The available means are identified by a simple icon. By clicking on it, in addition to the cost, it is also possible find out the charge level and the remaining autonomy.


GoVolt offers both consumption and package rates designed for those who assiduously use its service to move around the city. The rental of the electric scooter does not include any unlocking costs and a usage fee of 0.26 euros per minute. For electric scooters, however, unlocking costs 1 euro and then 0.15 euro per minute. 4 are the packages that are made available:

  • Friends: 10 euros credit to 9 euros
  • mates: 20 euros credit to 17 euros
  • Lovers: 50 euros of credit to 40 euros
  • Govolters: 100 euros credit to 75 euros

Packages are purchased directly within the app. A special agreement is available for students of the Politecnico di Milano that provides a 20% discount (0.21 euros instead of 0.26 euros for scooter rental).

  • GoVolt | iOS | App Store, Free
  • GoVolt | Android | Google Play Store, Free


I want to subscribe to the GoVolt service but I am a minor, I can do it?

The answer is no. It is necessary to be over 18 years of age.

For scooters you need a license? And for scooters?

No license is required to rent electric scooters. Different speech for using electric scooters. The document must be loaded into the app before you can make the rental.

GoVolt provides helmets on scooters?

The answer is yes, it provides two of different sizes.

I can bring a passenger on scooters?

The answer is yes. Obviously, this does not apply to electric scooters.

They can go outside the operational areas with scooters and scooters?

With scooters no problem, with electric scooters, however, the maximum speed will be limited to 6 Km / h. Parking must always be done within the operating area.

I’m traveling with scooters but I have to make a stop, I can pause the rental?

The answer is yes, but during the break the same fare is applied.

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